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Research Study Ideas

The Leadership Committee currently meets twice per month to discuss the development of the #NightscoutStudy Research COIN and potential research study ideas. Interviews have been conducted with individuals from the community to determine research topics of interest. From these initial discussions and interviews, six research study ideas were selected. We polled individuals from the community via Facebook and our #NightscoutStudy Research COIN email list to gauge interest in these six preliminary ideas. Results are below.

Research Study Ideas (% interested)
How does lack of sleep affect the mental well-being of people with T1D and their caregivers? (27%)
How accurate and consistent are different types of blood glucose meters? (19.9%)
How do certain foods affect BG/management? (19.9%)
What is the ideal timing of insulin for meals and snacks? (18.3%)
How does BG respond to various diets? (12.0%)
What kind of glycemia do people commonly experience? (3.0%)

We held our first participatory design workshop on July 5, 2016 in coordination with the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life 2016 Conference to further explore research ideas. Visit our blog to learn more about the session.